high quality  Cost-effective

▲   Each tire is subjected to uniformity and dynamic balance detection (UF/DB). The testing equipment is manufactured by Japan International Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd., with high detection accuracy, and the test data catches up with world-class tire products, which can bring comfort to consumers. Safe driving guarantee. Long Road Rainbow Tire is a high quality practitioner.

▲   Strategic cooperation with many international famous tire companies, each tire is manufactured according to world-class enterprise standards, the same technology, the same technology, the same high standards, high-quality products, preferential prices, long road rainbow tires cost-effective Practitioner.

▲   Advanced equipment - all imported core equipment, mixer Japan Kobelco, spindle room US RJS, extruder is Germany Tex, calender is Italy Comerio Eckley, one-time forming machine (VMI ) Produced in the Netherlands.

▲   Leading technology – tire technology comes from H company and B company, management personnel and technicians come from international companies, management process comes from H company, tire products can compete with H company and B company.

▲   Management Science - The whole plant introduces 5S management, management science, process science, first-class on-site, through B company's foundry audit, quality control is strict and scientific, providing quality products to return users.


Platform advantage

    Focus - Long Road Hongqi Clothing focuses on one-stop intelligent service platform that provides travel support for passenger vehicle drivers.

▲    Top-level business ecosystem is built by top product manufacturers, advanced logistics operators, outstanding channel service providers, and excellent terminal networks.

    Smart - to create a deep, integrated, collaborative, efficient and intelligent ecosystem for online and offline use of intelligent manufacturing and technology interconnected service providers.


Business philosophy

▲   Fast - 30 minutes delivery, car tire accessories direct to the store.

▲   Accuracy - model database, high quality long road rainbow tire oil and wearing parts.

▲   Professional - adhere to the authentic licensed, strong product manager team and application data team to provide professional services.