Is there any effect of low or too high air pressure?

Time:2019-07-16 17:42:53

Low air pressure: This will result in an increase in the width of the ground plane, which will exert excessive force on the edge of the tread. External wear can damage every part of the tire. In addition, a low air pressure relative to the optimum air pressure will also cause an increase in the sidewall slope, which is very dangerous.

Excessive air pressure: As the shape of the tire expands, like a balloon, the force will concentrate on the center. Uneven forces on the ground plane will cause abnormal wear.

Changluhong recommends that you check the tire pressure once a month.

The optimum air pressure level for your tires can be on the inside of the car door, inside the fuel tank cap or in the car manual (inquiries may vary from country to country).

The number on the sidewall of the tire represents the maximum air pressure. Therefore, do not exceed this value.