Why do you want to change tires?

Time:2019-07-16 17:46:36

To achieve uniform wear and maximize tread life, your tires should be repositioned periodically. Please follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations on the way the position is changed and the time interval. Unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer, Changluhong recommends regular tire shifts. For example, when changing summer tires to winter tires, or when the mileage reaches 5000-10000 km, or earlier, when abnormal wear begins to occur. If the tire begins to wear abnormally, ask the service personnel to check and/or correct wheel alignment or other mechanical problems.

Full-size spare tires (non-temporary spare tires) that are identical in size and construction to the other four tires should be considered for tire shifting. Before using the spare tire in the transposition, be sure to check and adjust the inflation pressure of the full-size spare tire.

The inflation pressure is adjusted according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for each position (the specific front and rear wheels may have different air pressures).

Tire transposition may affect the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Check the owner's manual or consult a qualified service professional to properly adjust or recalibrate the tire pressure monitoring system.