Which axis should the new tire be mounted on?

Time:2019-07-16 17:50:36

It is recommended to replace all touchdown tires at the same time. If you do not replace all the ground tires at once, replace the tires on the same shaft at the same time.

If only one tire on the shaft is replaced, it is generally recommended to install the latest tire on the rear axle. This replacement of the tire will make the transposition more complicated. Be careful if the tire has significantly different characteristics such as wear, tire size, construction, and speed grade. Consult a trained tire specialist for the best method.

It is generally recommended to install high-grip tires on the rear axle to prevent oversteering and loss of running stability on slippery surfaces. Some car manufacturers recommend installing the latest tires on the front axle. Consult the car manufacturer and/or tire specialist for more information.