Precautions for protecting tires

Time:2019-07-04 10:23:36

Cars often appear in people's lives are now normal phenomena, resulting in more and more car accidents, a single rear-end collision occurs every day, there is also a road section will occur several times in a day, this is It is possible that, in addition to this accident, there will be accidents caused by the failure of the car. Therefore, before going out, check the parts of the car. The tires cannot be dropped. If the tires are too worn, the car will be caused. Out of control, then the accident will be very serious, of course, it is not enough to check your car, and pay more attention to a few things on the road, which can hurt the car, but the last one is a bit awkward.

The first is the construction section or the section of the construction site. If you encounter this section, you should pay more attention to it. The road of this section will not have no pits. The serious thing is that there may be nails and other pointed objects under the pit. When the car is driving past The tire will be affected by the gravity of the earth, so that it will force into the pit, thus pressing the tip, which may cause the car to burst, so when you encounter this section, you should choose a flat and have a car.

The second is the manhole cover of the sewer that the road will not have seen. The manhole cover is just as good as the road surface without too much ups and downs, but if you encounter the protruding manhole cover, you should be careful, this is very likely to drive the car. Let the edge of the manhole cover be scraped, so that the tires of the car can be hurt. There are also some recesses that are also noticed. Although it is not a damage to the tires, it is very likely that the car will fall into the sewer, the manhole cover is not fixed or It has been damaged.

There is also the step of parking, just like when you drive on the road, so you have to park for a while to buy something. Roadside parking is a must. If there is a parking area, but the roadside is very small. If there is a parking area, it can only be parked on the side of the road. The parking on the side of the road will only lean in. It may be too much outside, and there will be a car passing by when the car passes by, but too much If you hit the steps in a hurry, it is also possible to damage the tires.

It’s down to the car with the gravel section. Everyone knows the pattern on the tire. Then there is a stone in the gap of the pattern. The sleek stone may not damage the tire too quickly, but it has not been removed for a long time. There will be influence, and more attention is given to the fact that these stones are sharp, so no matter how thick the tire is, it will be damaged, not to mention that it is caught in the pattern of the tire.