5 suggestions for tire use and maintenance

Time:2024-04-12 16:46:13

Whether you are a new or old driver, you should know when to replace tires and how to check them yourself. There are a total of 5 suggestions.

1: Will check the tire wear limit

There are many small steps of this height distributed in the tread pattern of the tire, which represents the wear limit of the tire.

When the tread of this tire becomes very shallow and approaches the steps, although the main performance of the tire will not be affected, its drainage performance will deteriorate. When passing through waterlogged roads, the grip ability will be slightly worse. We need to consider replacing it.

2: Will check the tire production time

Find this set of numbers on the edge of the tire, for example, 4220 on this tire, which represents that the tire was produced in the 42nd week of 2020. The normal service life of a tire is only 5-6 years. Wind, sun, and rain can make the rubber of the tire harder, reduce the friction coefficient, and the braking effect may not be as good. Of course, using a tire for 5-6 years is not absolute, and it also depends on actual usage.

When there are many cracks and small cracks at the edges of the tire, careful consideration should be given (indicating that the tire is starting to age). If your vehicle has high strength, it is recommended to replace the tire.

3: Check the tires properly

When you have nothing to do, you can touch the outer edge of this tire yourself to see if there are any bulges. If there are bulges, they can be clearly felt. Once a bulge appears on a tire, it means that the fabric layer inside has already been broken, indicating that the tire has experienced a "meridian rupture". Why does it bulge? This is related to how we usually rush into a pit with speed, park and press the curb directly, and so on.

Another issue is the low tire pressure, causing areas such as the shoulder of the tire that are not in contact with the ground to begin to come into contact with the ground. This can also lead to damage to the inner ply of the tire, and in severe cases, structural damage, ultimately resulting in a tire blowout.

We have clearly written the standard tire pressure values for tires under different load conditions at the positions of the B-pillar and fuel tank cap in our car. You can also come to our store to inspect and inflate the tires. If you are a member of Tmall Car Care, you can also have one benefit: free patch tire repair.

4: Regular tire rotation

Most of our cars are driven by the front wheel, which not only provides power to move forward and backward, but also provides steering function, so the wear of the front wheel is greater than that of the rear wheel.

Regular four-wheel rotation helps to achieve more uniform wear on the front and rear wheels, which can reduce the frequency of tire replacement.

5: Change tires and pay attention to size

For example, tire 205/50 R17 is its size and model, and replacement can only be done with the same model.

Do you prefer something more sporty or quieter? It depends on your preference for the brand, but the size must be correct. However, changing the size is not okay.