Tires change every few years

Time:2023-04-20 16:24:10

Car tires are usually replaced within 3-5 years or 50000 to 80000 kilometers.

The time to change a tire is related to many factors and requires specific analysis:

1. Vehicle usage frequency:

Different car owners have different purposes in the future. There are business cars and family cars. For household cars, apart from occasional work and weekend outings, they are rarely used, which can appropriately extend the tire replacement time and also allow for tire replacement every five years. For commercial purposes, if you frequently run outside, you need to shorten the tire replacement time, usually around 4 years.


2. Usage environment:

The car is parked outdoors for a long time in the sun, often exposed to wind and rain, and the aging speed of the car's tires is very fast. If the car is frequently driven in saline and alkaline areas, the salt and alkali corrosion of the tires is more severe. Therefore, the cycle of tire replacement should be shortened, usually around three years.

3. Driving habits of car owners:

Some car owners like to accelerate or brake quickly while driving, while others will step on the accelerator in place, causing the tires to spin and emit black smoke. These bad driving habits are harmful to the tires. The replacement cycle of tires should be correspondingly shortened. Playing with drift can cause the tires to burn even harder and require tire replacement in less than a year.

4. Wear degree:

Observing the degree of tire wear, almost every tire will have a wear mark set. The wear mark height of a typical sedan tire is 1.6 millimeters, while that of a truck tire is 2.4 millimeters. If the wear mark is found to be the same as the tread, it indicates that the tire is almost worn and should be replaced in a timely manner.

5. Multiple tire repairs:

It can be said that the phenomenon of large tire punctures and excessive repair times can be very common, but if the punctures are large or the repair times are too many, it directly affects driving safety. At this point, it is not enough to solve the problem by repairing the tire. Especially when driving at high speeds, the tire pressure is quite high, and if driving for a long time, there is a certain probability of a tire blowout.

So everyone must not have the mentality of taking chances. When replacing tires, they should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent major safety hazards from occurring.