Can I still use a cracked tire?

Time:2023-04-20 16:18:25

The tire is cracked and cannot be used. Tires are usually replaced every 5 years or every 60000 to 80000 kilometers of vehicle operation.If there is eccentric wear or reaching the warning mark of the tire groove, or if there are aging cracks on the tire, it is recommended to replace it with a new tire for safety reasons.


Cracks in tires:

1. If the tire shows signs of aging, such as countless small cracks on the tread grooves or edges that are about to damage the tire body, it is necessary to replace the tire in a timely manner, regardless of how long it has been used and how much wear it has worn;

2. If the remaining groove depth of the tire pattern reaches or is less than 1.6 millimeters, and there is an indicator mark indicating this depth in the longitudinal straight groove of the tire tread, the tire must be replaced because the drainage capacity of the tire has greatly decreased, and driving in wetlands can be more dangerous;

3. Damaged tires should also pay attention to whether they need to be replaced. For example, although the tires that have been compressed due to lack of air can still be driven in an inflated state, it is recommended to replace them with new tires in a timely manner as the internal structure of the tires may have been damaged. It is particularly important to note that bulging tires should not be used again.

If the rubber of the tire has aged, it indicates that all aspects of performance have decreased, such as the tire's grip and reliability in extreme situations. These can sometimes be dangerous, especially at high speeds. It is recommended to replace the tires with new ones in a timely manner to ensure safety.