This is how the tires are maintained.

Time:2022-10-29 16:49:00

As the most important and easily overlooked auto parts, car owners are often extremely careless about their maintenance, and even many car owners don't know that there is something wrong with the tires after the accident. I didn't know it was time to change the tires until the accident happened, so let's discuss with you today how to better maintain the tires after entering the summer ~

1. Self-check before traveling.

It's also important to observe the condition of tires before going out. Check whether the tire pressure is obviously insufficient or whether foreign objects such as nails affect driving safety. If so, it needs to be dealt with in time.

① There are nails on the tread: there are spikes on the shoulder or tread, which must be replaced in time ② The valve is old or the rubber is cracked: replace it in time.

③ Abnormal tread: Check whether there are bulges or cuts in time.

④ Cracking on the side wall: This is easy to see. If this happens, the tire may be leaking, and it is likely to burst, so it must be replaced in time.

2. When will the tires be replaced?

Regarding this question, some people say that it is calculated by mileage and some people say that it is calculated by time, both of which are correct but not comprehensive. It is important to look at the actual wear degree of the tire and find the small square in the tire groove pattern, which is the tire wear mark. When it is found that the logo is almost flush with the tread, it means that the tread pattern depth is less than 1.6mm, and the tire needs to be replaced. If the car is idle all the year round, it is not enough to just look at the wear signs, but also to see if there are cracks. It's a rubber tire, and cracks will appear on the tire surface or wall after aging, which will lead to the decrease of tire elasticity and the weakening of bearing capacity. If it continues to be used, there will be risks.

Generally, tires used normally should be checked after about 5 years. Therefore, when changing tires, it is necessary to combine the degree of wear with the number of years, whichever comes first.

3. Improve tire grip.

One of the benefits of cleaning tires and wheels is to improve the traction of tires. Compared with the dirty tire surface and the clean tire with clear grooves, the grip is obviously reduced. This is because when there is mud in the tire grooves and patterns, the efficiency of tire drainage will be reduced, which will lead to skidding. In addition, some experts in the industry also believe that the dirt on tires will adversely affect rubber, thus making it prone to cracks and wear.