Can the tire drum kit still be used?

Time:2019-07-16 17:29:03

The first thing to do is to connect the tires to the drum kit. The position of the drum kit is located on the side of the tire and is the weakest part of the tire. There is no steel wire on the sidewall, and there is a layer of ply that is supported by the curtain wiring. Sometimes, because the sidewall hits the road, or the tire pressure is too low, the cord can not be supported. Only the rubber is supported, and the strength is very poor, so it is easy to bulge.

So can the tires be used on the side of the drum? The answer is no. Because it can't be repaired after the tire drum is wrapped, it can't be repaired. The ply of this place has been broken. The tire is only attached with a piece of rubber on it. There is no way to repair the ply, so after a while, there will be a bulge in this place, or even a puncture. When the vehicle is driving, the hazard of the puncture can be very large, especially when the tire is blown at a high speed. If it is bad, the car is destroyed.

So what about the tire drum kit? Of course, it is the first time to change the tires. If you find a drum kit at home, first replace it with a spare tire (how to change the spare tire?), then drive the car to the repair shop to replace the tires of the drum kit. If the vehicle does not have a spare tire, it can only be driven to the repair shop at a very low speed or directly called rescue.

Tire drum kits must not be used anymore. Before we drive, especially before going on high speed, check the tires first, and the tire drum kits should be replaced immediately to prevent safety accidents.