There are 4 abnormal conditions in the car tires, get off the train as soon as p

Time:2019-07-16 17:26:54

First, the valve is damaged

There is a valve on the tire, the car is used for a longer time, the valve will gradually age, and even cracks will cause the tire to leak. There are 4 abnormal conditions in the car tires. Get off the train as soon as possible, all for safety! If we run and feel that the car tires are flat, we must get off the bus and check the time to see if it is leaking due to loss or damage of the valve.

Second, the wheel deformation

The wheels are round and deformed into irregular shapes. Irregular tires are prone to danger during driving or the car is shaken. At this time we have to check, is it because the wheel has been used for too long, and it has been deformed or damaged.

Third, the foreign body is tied into the tire

The tires are made of rubber. The tires of the best quality will be punctured when encountering sharp objects or stones, which may cause air leakage or damage, which will affect our driving safety. When encountering a road tooth, you must try to avoid it. There is a force point on the tire. Once the force point is poked, it is easy to have a puncture. If you find some stones or nails stuck in the car tires, you should also clean them up in time.

Fourth, the tire wear is serious

The car is getting longer and longer, and the wear of the tires will be very serious. As a result, the tires are too thin and it is very prone to puncture. After the tires become thinner, we must go to the 4S shop for a new tire in time. Saving money and not willing to replace it, and the situation of puncture in the later stage will also cause us trouble.