Car tires should also be maintained

Time:2019-07-16 17:23:51

1. Regularly check the tire pressure every month. For the family car, keep it at around 2.3 in the summer and 2.5 in the winter. If it is too high or too low, it will cause serious wear or puncture. As shown in Figure 2, the tire pressure is too high for a long time. Caused intermediate wear.

2, many high-end models now have tire pressure digital display low-equipped models can be installed by themselves, we pay attention to these can be, but some Volkswagen models only tire pressure alarm system so you can not see the value, then we only go to the repair station regularly It is.

3. When the gas is added, the maintenance worker must carefully check whether there is any leakage at the nozzle. There are many cases where the inflation needle is not returned.

4, often check the inside and outside of the tire for hard injuries, especially the inside is not easy to find, this is also the biggest risk factor for high-speed driving. There is time to remove hard objects such as stones in the tire pattern to avoid damage to the tread.

5, the tires should also be carefully maintained, to avoid the aging of the rubber caused by direct sunlight, do not use inferior tire maintenance agent when washing the car, do not let the side of the tire touch the hard object while driving, because this part is the thinnest Fragile.

6, tire replacement standards do not look at the age of use, if the side of the tire is injured or the number of tire repairs more than four times have to be replaced, there is a situation that there is no wear to the safety line, but there is a crack phenomenon must also be replaced of.

Summary: The four tires of the vehicle are the four fulcrums of our lives. We must do dynamic balancing, four-wheel alignment, and tire shifting to ensure safe travel. Therefore, tires are also included in vehicle maintenance. You can ignore its existence.